A Christmas gift that made me cross(words)

January 5 – It’s been almost a week ago that I last wrote about what’s been happening in our part of the world! That’s unusual, but thanks to the Christmas rush and New Year’s, I just didn’t get to write.

150105_PuzzlebookActually, a little aside here – several times I thought about writing, but instead of doing that, I chose to work in some of the new puzzle books David gave me for Christmas. Since I so much enjoy books and games that make me use my brain (and it’s a lot older than it used to be!), it’s hard for me to say, “OK, no more of that till you get the necessary things done…”

And not that my latest book called Crossword Word Play has easy puzzles – it doesn’t! That makes me feel great when I can fill in the squares to solve the latest one. Some of the answers are more than apropos. They just tickle the funny bone and make me wonder how in the world anybody could come up with such a delightful book. Just for fun, here are a couple of the questions and the matching answer. Unless you own this book, you haven’t heard such great stuff before. OK,  look at these:

  • Exercise while snoozing? Sleepwalking.
  • Tired of commerce? Bored of trade
  • Exciting barber’s tool? Hair razor
  • Cow stuck in barbed wire? Udder disaster
  • Malady in the airport? Terminal illness
  • Unit in a Roman hospital? Cesarean section
  • Breakfast for the birds? Finch toast
  • Produced by forgetful cows? Milk of Amnesia
  • Cows’ game? Moosical chairs
  • Vampire’s least favorite dish? Stake and potatoes

Hooray! I haven’t quite finished puzzle Number 7 yet, and there’s a total of 50 in the book. So there are lots more to go.

I do not enjoy being inside every day because it’s too cold to do much outside. When my inside tasks are done and I’m not working on the computer, it’s great to have something to do that keeps me on my toes! So thanks to son David; the real humor in the book sounds like something he would have come up with from time to time ever since he was a kid. – CHRIS

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