2015 – A cold but happy new year

January 4 – Hopefully all reading this have survived the cold weather here in the midwest and have no frostbite. It has been cold all day, even with the sunshine, and that light snow frosting never did melt.

Dale's private Marmite stash

Dale’s private Marmite stash

We enjoyed having our son Dave and his family over last night for a late Christmas. ‘Twas hard to find places in the cupboards to put the various foodstuffs they brought until we can get around to eating them. Chris has taken pictures of most of them. The one of the five jars of Marmite is especially impressive. So now the fridge is overloaded and I shall be too, for days and days to come.¬†That will include some good chocolate cake that Dave’s wife Darlene made and brought with them when they came to visit.

Cat food for Cat (thank you, Captain Obvious)

Cat food for Cat (thank you, Captain Obvious)

The cat has been enjoying her gift of cat food; I periodically grab a handful of it and put it into her food bowl, as she keeps depleting it. And while the cat was not one of them, all those interested in such things were sorry we couldn’t arrange for the Steelers to win the football game last night. All that running and falling and yelling and throwing and still they lost.

I’ve been sitting in my easy chair for much of the day while finishing off a Chicken Soup for Teachers. Now it’s finished and I must choose the next one. I also read through some Discover and Smithsonian magazines, but find I do a lot of skimming over some of the articles, as they are beyond my understanding and linguistics.

I was so chilly by five o’clock this afternoon that I went and had a hot bath. Unfortunately we hadn’t used any hot water all day since breakfast and it had apparently gradually cooled off in the heater! So I soon had to turn off the cold water and just let the hot water run until it was too cool for comfort. Had to soon get out of the tub to get warm again! Now I have on an undershirt and two shirts and a heavy sweater, and two pairs of socks, and the thermostat is set at 72, and I am finally comfortable.

Plan to get ready for a few games of Rummikub before bedtime. May you all have a good evening and keep that thermostat up to a comfortable point! – DALE

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