On with the new year

150102_2015January 2 – 2015 seems to be doing okay so far, just a bit colder than I would prefer. We watched the Rose Bowl Parade yesterday, admiring all the art work and the millions of flowers, etc., and wondering how some of those shirtless guys were managing in this cold. I’m not looking forward to going out to burn the big barrel of waste paper we have accumulated over the past couple of weeks, but guess I have to since the barrel is full.

Any of you stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve? Chris and I did, and heard and saw the commotion and flying confetti and balloons and heard all the noise. There were a couple of booms from fireworks out here somewhere, just before midnight, but that was all we heard. On TV we saw that Shawnee Mission Medical Center had 4,215 births in 2014, and I think we can credit our granddaughter Beckie (who works there as an OB nurse) for assisting in aiding the world population boom. Saw where a couple had four babies (two sets of identical twins), and don’t envy them in the least. Wow, just imagine having four crying babies in a household! I guess they were quite premature and will be in the hospital for a few weeks.

Cat out for a stroll

Cat out for a stroll

Cat has been going in and out but doesn’t stay out there very long with the colder weather. She also likes to wander into the bathroom when an occupant is there, and I’ve been flicking water on her when she is looking the other way. She leaps and runs and shakes herself and wonders who and what to blame. This cat loves to drink water and goes frequently to the plastic watering can under the plant table, and laps away.

We’re expecting the repairman to arrive early today to finish repairing our clothes dryer and stove, and then Mom can finally do some washing. I think that Janice will also be coming over to give us haircuts so we will be fresh for the weekend. – DALE

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