Sorting through the basement

A sampling of tin boxes

A sampling of tin boxes

December 31 – Having been making some progress in the basement this week where I spent a couple hours sorting through extra bedding, clothes on a big rack or packed in boxes; a small case of treasures and letters sent to us from Biz when she was a student missionary in Thailand back in the eighties; lots of duplicate stamps; banana boxes filled with tins, and others with stuffed animals. Also a box of aprons – I still have a box of those that my mother made for me over the years. I must be the only one who wears such things these days!

We've got stuffed animals living in the basement...

We’ve got stuffed animals living in the basement…

There were also treasures given to me by students many years ago, including my school kids in Pittsburgh back in the late 1940’s.  They made me a quilt top made of patches, with each student embroidering his/her name on the blank block beside the patterned one he had sewn. Talk about beautiful stitches. It was hard for me to believe that those boys, some big, some smaller, could do such a beautiful job, even if the first in his experience. One of the best parts of this story is that I still receive notes and cards and e-mails from some of those students in different parts of the country!

And lately, it’s no wonder I don’t have time for all of my jobs I plan for when I wake up. Haven’t gotten used to counting in the time it takes to write these memories for the blog! So long for now, then, before it’s afternoon, and I’ll have to start planning for supper. Since we don’t eat lunch at least, that’s one job I used to have in the old days that I don’t have now. – CHRIS

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