Winter makes time go slowly

December 29 – Am not getting a lot done today so far. Have mostly been looking through magazines and catalogs and throwing them onto the spare bed, and assume our son will be the inheritor of most of them.

Cat waiting for a meal to fly by

Cat waiting for a meal to fly by (unsuccessfully)

Chris has been doing a lot of e-mail, and just quit for a while. Cat is lying on the rug in the living room and seems very contented, but has been playing around and was very frisky and prone to grab onto pant legs and do a little scratching. She has been in and out several times and for a while lay in the bird feeder but gave that up as no customers were arriving.

Grandson Kevin lent me his seed catalog from Baker Creek and I’ve been looking through it and admiring all the strange and rare seeds listed, but don’t think I am going to order any more seeds as I already have too many. Baker Creek didn’t send me their catalog this year (maybe because I didn’t order any seeds last year), and their catalog is very large and fancy and must be expensive.

Interesting seeds

Interesting seeds

Chris has just found my display case of unusual seeds that I had in the basement and has taken some pictures of it. It has been hidden under other stuff and she didn’t even know that I had it. There are a number of African seeds in it, and some big ones we collected on a beach when we were in Nicaragua briefly on our way back to the USA in 1945.

Have a happy Monday! – DALE

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