Christmas tales from the past

201412_ChristmasMemoriesDecember 29 – Yes, Christmas is now past, but many of the memories will still be with us in the years to come. This reminds me of a couple stories about son David when he was much younger, maybe around five.

About a week before Christmas that year, we had heard on the radio (no TV in our house over 50 years ago, and not as the kids grew up, either) that kids could telephone Santa and tell the chubby guy what they wanted him to bring on Christmas Eve. Since the only phone we had was on the wall, David certainly couldn’t reach it without standing up on a chair. After I dialed the number for him, I left and went back into the living room to keep little sister Biz quiet.

“Hi Santa,” said David in a friendly but very loud voice. “How ya doin’ today?” A pause for just a bit. Then David boomed out, “Well, what-do-ya-got?” Obviously, the pretend Santa on the other end of the line had asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him! I can’t remember what David told him, or if he was perfectly satisfied when he didn’t get what he had finally asked for!.

141229_ChristmasMemoriesKidsJust a day or two before another Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild, who had recently returned from their missionary work in Africa and were now teaching in Ohio, came to visit us. It was a time of rejoicing because neither of the children had seen the grandparents before this, and since Grandma and Grandpa were so much in love with the kids, they were cuddled and read to, and tucked in at night, etc. Then came Christmas Eve. After a while of talking and enjoying each other, Grandpa “had to go out to get something from the car.” Just as Grandma was telling mission stories, there was a loud knock on the door. “Wonder who that could be,” I said to Dale, as he went to open the door wide.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” said Santa. “Are there any good little boys and girls in this house?” “Sure there are, Santa!” David said. “Bizzy and I are always good. You can ask Mommy and Daddy!” Opening his big bag, Santa answered, “Well, then I have something for both of you!” By this time Biz had climbed up on Grandma’s lap where she would be safe from that red-coated creature with the long white beard! David, on the other hand was ready to see what Santa had for him. Scooting over to the big bag, he watched as the presents were pulled from the bag. Books, books, and more books! He couldn’t have been happier with that choice. There were games and puzzles as well, along with candy and popcorn balls. Biz received picture books, dolls, and a teddy bear.

As all good things must come to an end, all of the presents were finally given out, and Santa with another “Ho! Ho! Ho!” walked to the door, calling over his shoulder as he opened it, ”Merry Christmas to you David and Bizzy. Be good now till next year when I’ll be back from the North Pole.”

As soon as David saw Dale shutting the door, he asked, “So why did Grandpa dress up like Santa Claus?”

A little while later, when Grandpa came back inside, dressed in his real Grandpa clothes, David walked up to him and said, “You should have been in here with us, Grandpa! You could have seen Santa Claus. Look at the presents he left for us!” – CHRIS

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