A post for Christmas day

141225_ImageDecember 25 – Computers are fun, right? (trying to convince myself of that). Earlier this week I wrote to all of our relatives who had sent Xmas cards, and that took forever (even though they were all bunched together in one.) Then I tried to write to the editor of the Holden newspaper, and spent about an hour catching up on all she had said in a couple letters, along with sending us photos for me to comment on.

Just before I sent it, I got a notice of some kind of error in the process and lost the entire thing except for the photos! I tried twice more, writing just a little on each to go with the pics, and finally just gave up the ghost and quit. A little later I checked to see if anything had come back and found that the all of the first draft had re-appeared! Who knows from where? I just sent it off quickly and hope she got it.

Last night we were up late listening to the story of Scrooge and being quite amazed at the photography being used. Dale finally did tire of it and went to bed, but I stayed up and watched until the end. Couldn’t sleep for some reason so finally got up again and went and watched a church program on TV until around 1:35 a.m. So went our Christmas Eve, and we trust you all had a good one, too! – CHRIS

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