A cold, wet week

141212_HarvestersDecember 12 – Harvesters went well this week, though it was a bit chilly, and for a little while we were rained on. It was difficult to handle some of the produce with gloves on but most of the time I was wearing mine. One thing we’ve found – it’s hard to know how much to give each family when the produce is listed in pounds but comes in bags. The volunteers are told how many families are out there in the traffic line but how many bags does a family receive, or how many cucumbers when they are listed in pounds? I noticed that the sweet potatoes came in bags but some had only two potatoes and others had several of close to the same size. We just do our best!

We went to Pleasant Hill and Lee’s Summit on Thursday and did quite a bit of shopping and found the stores were crowded. Visited two friends during the day and had nice chats with them. As a result we didn’t get home until after four, and after unloading everything we had supper, our first meal of the day. The truck is sure dirty now from driving around in the wet stuff!

While Chris was doing a washing and drying today, the dryer packed up. The drum turns but there is no heat. The previous load did fine, but this one is not, and I can’t find out how to remove the lower panel to check the burner, etc. so will have to check more on Sunday. So Chris will be hanging things around the house to get them at least partially dry before bathtime! Took the mattress and springs off our bed this morning and got rid of a mass of dust and took all the items under the bed downstairs where they will be dusted off next week. Amazing how much dust accumulates over a few years.

Chris has printed up the church bulletins, I folded them up and they are now ready for handout this weekend.  When we don’t work outside, our daily activities aren’t quite as thrilling! – DALE

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