Next time I’ll measure the distance (Part 2)

No, this is not Donkey Kong

No, this is not Donkey Kong

December 2 – Just like our walk turned out to be, this post was a bit too long for one entry! So herewith is (drumroll please) Part 2…

Along the way we saw many animals, of various kinds. Lots of beautiful horses, some miniature ones; goats; cattle with calves; dogs of all kinds, some small, some big and threatening; all kinds of chickens, ducks, and even guinea hens (reminding us of the two dozen or so that Dale raised one year. Those little babies followed him around as if he were their mother, and stayed right with him as they grew older.) Also saw a number of killdeer in various places, and a big barred owl that flew in front of us, hooting as it landed in a group of trees off to the side of the road. At times like that, it is better to be a man than a mouse.

Sunset in the country

Sunset in the country

As the skies were becoming beautiful red and orange, we could see jet streams over the trees near the sun. When we came to Big Creek, we found that water was still moving slowly along the banks. In many locations in this area, Big Creek really floods over, and no traffic can continue until the water rushes down and out of the area. Along the road in many places, much erosion has taken place, and the water must really rush down all of the deep cracks and crevices into the ditches and then on to the creeks.

Killdeer on the gravel

Killdeer on the gravel

Farther on, we heard some local coyotes complaining about something, putting a chill in the air, as only a coyote can do. The half moon brightened up the area a bit, but it was still dark, and we still weren’t too near the truck. Fortunately, at least, we recognized the area and knew that if we continued walking we would eventually find the truck. Poor Dale’s feet and hip were so sore by then he had to stop in the middle of the road, leaning on his stick, and then start out again after a few minutes.

That made me think of the walks we used to take when we first moved out here. With no garden or anything else that would keep us at home, we walked ten or fifteen miles three times each week, becoming fully acquainted with the area in a twenty-five or more mile radius. Back in Pennsylvania, we did a marathon-distance walk at one time.

As we neared the end of Road 215 where it meets CC, Dale announced, “Now count me out after this. I am not going next week!” Poor guy. If I felt as he did right then, I think I might have said, “OK. I second the motion!” I just felt sorry I had planned the walk and hadn’t taken the time to check the mileage. Finally, we joined CC and walked along the paved highway with cars speeding by in both directions, some with those extra bright bluish purple headlights. Fortunately, the drivers caught us in their headlights in time, and veered off to the other side of the road. We saw many lovely Christmas decorations in the windows of the houses as we passed by.

Finally, Dale called out, “Hey, there’s the truck!” just as I opened my mouth to gleefully yell, “That’s 209!” Our seven-plus mile walk was over, and took only a little more than three hours! Hmmm. Now we USED to walk three miles in about 45 minutes – surely we couldn’t be slowing down with age?! – CHRIS

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