Baking in the oven

Double oat breakfast cookies

November 23 – We all got some rain last night but no flooding. Buffalo can do that for us I guess. A rather grey morning but mild here, in the low 50’s. Chris is busy in the kitchen, making more cookies for this afternoon’s Secret Sister cookie exchange.

Last week it was vegetarian mincemeat cookies –  now I’ll admit I’m not a lover of mincemeat, but even I had to say they were “pretty” good. Chris said she will also be baking some Double Oat Breakfast Cookies, which include peanut butter and Cheerios as ingredients. According to her, “they’re different, and kids enjoy chomping down on them.”

Despite the baking going on, I’m not at all hungry, since we ate late last night. When we went to bed the cat was still out wandering around somewhere, and I haven’t checked on it this morning yet. My cousin Sylvia Mullen recently sent us a loaf of home-made bread from Michigan – probably the most high-priced loaf of bread we’ve ever had, thanks to the postage! Tastes better than most of the store bread we get and I will have to ask her what special version this is. – DALE

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