Breaded Tomatoes

November 5 – One of our readers asked the other day if we ever used our tomato crop to make breaded tomatoes.

141105_BreadedTomatoesWell, I practically grew up them, just didn’t know that’s what they were called! (I just checked the recipe on Google). All during tomato season when Mom was very busy canning them (along with a dozen other things), she would put the tomatoes on to cook in a big kettle (had to be big for nine of us!) for awhile till they were all soft and ready to be used. She didn’t bother to take off the skins, because she knew we would all be hungry enough to eat what was set in front of us, and besides, she didn’t have the time. Sometimes she put onions in, but not always. If we had any baking powder biscuits left from the night before, she broke them up in pretty big pieces so they wouldn’t get soggy, and tossed them in. If we used bread, we broke the slices up ourselves at the table, so they wouldn’t get soggy. Who in the world would like soggy bread!

Often now when I make it we use zweibach, although we had never heard of it when I was a child. I first learned of zweibach in Africa where Dale’s mom and just about all of the other people on the mission compound made their own. Sometimes when the missionary guys had to go on trips away from home, they took it with them so they would have something to chomp on when no bread was available out in the “bush.”



You can buy it in the store, but I make my own using about three loaves of bread. Once done, I stack the zweibach in a big container like those in which popcorn is sold at holiday time. It doesn’t break up as easily as plain bread due to the drying-out process.

So how do I make zweibach? Take the bread out of the wrapper, put slices on flat cookie tins, and set the oven temperature at about 250 degrees. Just take a peek at it from time to time, until it is brown on top. Out comes the tin, the bread is turned over, and back into the oven it goes. Bottom shelf is done first, top tin takes its place, and then another new batch is put out on the top. Doesn’t take too long, and I can be doing other things while it dries out. We just finished up the next-to-last can, and have one more to go. After that, I’ll have to make another batch! – CHRIS

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