Finishing off the garden

Chris and Dale pulling up tomato cages

Chris and Dale pulling up tomato cages

November 3 – Well, yesterday wasn’t such a bad day (except perhaps for the wind), and the temperature today was fairly mild. Must have done too much hand work in the garden as my fingers keep locking up and stiffening for a few moments. While I was typing a few letters, Chris went out to the garden and started pulling up the old, frozen tomato plants and setting the cages and stakes aside. I went out later to help, and we managed to get all 33 cages and stakes put aside and the piles of dead plants carted off to the burning pile. After this mess was cleared up, Chris went off to cut down the frozen peony bushes and I stayed on to tear off the remaining lima bean vines from the fence. Some of those vines were amazingly thick and I had to cut them with shears. The roots were large and long, too. The garden looks very bare now, with just strawberry plants left.


Stepping on the chestnuts

Had our first freeze of the year over this last weekend, and we worked outside for several hours in the tomato patch in preparation. We got a bucket and a half of green ones, a couple baskets of nearly ripe tomatoes, a bag of lima beans, and a few green peppers. Also went over to the chestnut trees and kicked out from the burr about 25 of them. Chris doesn’t like the sharp burrs, but if you step on them carefully, you can split them open safely.

While we were busy in the garden, Harvey’s mom stopped by to get the tomatoes I had told her we had for her and Laurie. We had a nice visit while we rested up, and were interested in her accounts of how the day had gone so far. Trip after trip from one place or town to another. The Reynolds put in a lot of mileage some days! (Bob’s idea of relaxation is to go to Walmart and just park in the parking lot and watch customers going and coming.) They have been busy harvesting their soybeans and taking them to companies in various towns that buy them and put them in their silos. With all of their equipment, they must have to spend a lot of dollars keeping it all in good order.

Somebody was shooting off fireworks once again last night, and they had a LOT of them. At least they were as late at night as the others were the other night. Speaking of fireworks, Chris listened to the Steelers/Ravens game and was happy that the Steelers were ahead and won the game. – DALE

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