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On the road again…

October 23 – While out driving around today about five miles from our house, we were interested to see a large group of miniature horses and donkeys. We knew those cute creatures were there, but haven’t seen much of them … Continue reading

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African Tales – Don’t bug me

October 23 – At one mission station during our time in Africa there was a famine and the missionaries had to find food for the students. As part of their efforts, they sent out to the nearby villages and bought … Continue reading

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Just drivin’ down the road

October 22 – It’s mid-morning and I hope this isn’t getting anyone out of bed. We’ve just had breakfast for the day and Chris is behind me here, studying. For breakfast this morning I had a whole mushroom from that … Continue reading

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Fireworks in October

October 21 – Seems to me that the way we run around everywhere, along with keeping things going at home, I should be skinny! I have told several people along the way that all my life I have wanted to … Continue reading

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Chestrooms and mushnuts

October 20 – Today turned out to be burning pile day. Chris wondered about burning the big one back near our two hammocks, so we did. She mowed around the pile to make access easier, and I lit a few … Continue reading

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Tins and Chicken Soup, seasoned with sudoku

October 20 – Didn’t get a chance to mention this last week, but October 16 always brings back some family memories. My second oldest brother would have been 97 if he were still living. Easy for me to remember that … Continue reading

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Growing up in Africa

October 18 – Thought I would give you a background on the various African Tales I have so far related, and of which there will be more to come. So, some family history, based on our visit to the elementary … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Country

October 17 – Earlier this week we drove out the 15 miles to the area where we wanted to pick up a new burning barrel. We had planned before we left to walk along one of the country roads we … Continue reading

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Late night posting

October 16 – Did three laundry loads yesterday (too much rain since a week ago, so I had a lot, and saved more for Friday when I usually wash clothes. Then I took a few photos, including one of chestnut burrs … Continue reading

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An Asian pear harvest

October 15 – Has been a nice day; a bit too windy but fairly warm and sunny. Eventually Chris decided she wanted to go outside and see what there was out there, so she went and pretty soon had managed … Continue reading

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