Pears, Paint, and Potatoes

Pears on the grass, alas

Pears on the grass, alas

October 31 – Been a bit chilly this week, though sunny, and also breezy. We hear there is going to be a freeze in a day or two, so will need to pick our last tomatoes before then. They will probably ripen but won’t taste terribly good. Maybe some fried green tomatoes on the menu? Chris has been cutting up some of our Asian pears, while I took the opportunity to scrub our artichoke tubers in the sink. Sure would be nice if they were smooth and bump-free. Chris prefers them raw but I’ll take mine cooked.

The painters came and picked up their truck as expected; I thought the owner would stop and say good-bye but they just drove away. I never did get to ask what the best way was to get rid of the paint drops on the barn storm-door. I suppose scraping with a razor blade will work, and maybe even scrubbing with some Comet cleanser.

During our trip to town yesterday we visited the doctor. Our dentist had said that I was underweight and ought to see our doctor, so I did. And what did the doctor say? That I’m within perfectly good limits and not to worry! So much for THAT co-pay. Also went to Aldi’s, where they have Yukon Gold potatoes at 99 cents for a 5-lb bag. Those are good-tasting potatoes.

Enough black walnuts to keep us busy cracking this winter

Enough black walnuts to keep us busy cracking this winter

While at Price Chopper, I showed Sheila an appliance for cracking black walnuts that Freddie (our son’s father-in-law in Tennessee) made for me. It’s a length of metal strip with a square hollow piece welded to one end for cracking black walnuts. When I try and use it, the nut shells fly all around, so I normally just use a vise. I’ll try using it again this winter, though. Sheila was telling me about the different devices they have used over the years for cracking walnuts.

Lately this keyboard has been acting up, and the letters we type often don’t show up on the screen for several moments and one doesn’t know if they are going to, or not. Makes our writing a bit more interesting… Sprayed the keyboard with compressed air but that didn’t seem to help. Sometimes several words won’t show up and then all will come at once.

Most of Kansas City either watched the Royals this week or were at the games. The money that fans are paying out to get their tickets is unbelievable. Methinks that money could be used a lot more usefully elsewhere. Ah well, it’s good for the economy, I guess! So long for now, will be back again. – DALE

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