African Tales – Froggy, Froggy Do

This be one BIG frog!

October 30 – Sitting at the edge of the pool was a frog. A huge frog. An African bullfrog. It was just a new and temporary pool, formed as the result of recent rains and far from other pools, and how the frog had found its way here was a puzzle. I happened to be cycling past and noticed that big lump on the far side of the pool. I stopped and dismounted in order to take a closer look at that frog. It plopped into the muddy water and vanished.

Something this big and unusual needed a closer look, so I took off my shoes and waded in and began walking around, hoping to feel a frog underfoot. Soon I did, and promptly had this giant frog in my hands. As these frogs do, it immediately swelled up with air and when I put it into my hat, it filled the hat. I used my hat to carry the frog home in while I cycled.

At home, I unloaded the frog into the yard and waited to see what it would do. It just sat, so I reached out my foot and poked it. WHAMO, that frog engulfed the end of my shoe with its mouth and bit hard. It scratched the leather with some large teeth! I did not know that frogs had teeth, and these seemed to be on long extensions. Obviously the frog was angry, for it growled loudly. It then released my shoe and made a couple of hops.

A small African boy who was standing nearby to see this creature, made a couple of wild leaps himself and jumped right over the nearby rock wall. And so it was that I made the acquaintance of an African giant bullfrog, a really different kind of frog. – DALE

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