Painted roofs and artichokes

Having our barn roof painted

Having our barn roof painted

October 28 – While we were cutting down all of the Jerusalem artichokes today, a truck drove into our yard and a man came over to talk. He was one of those fellows who drive around offering to paint barn roofs and noticed ours was showing rust. I thought about it and after checking with Chris, we ended up deciding to have him put on the paint, two coats and extra screws where old ones had pulled out. The spray truck was at another work site at the moment but the man went off and came back with it in an hour or so.

So we are now a bit poorer but I hope the roof will survive for another few years. They asked to leave their spray truck here overnight, as they feared things might be stolen from it while parked at their motel. While the spray man was up on the roof with his hose and nozzle, the owner went off to see if he could drum up any business from the neighbors but I don’t think he managed.

Jerusalem artichoke tubers

Jerusalem artichoke tubers

The man was interested in what we were cutting down, and since had had never heard of Jerusalem artichokes, I dug up a few tubers and showed him. I offered him some but he didn’t feel like trying out this new food, so instead we now have a gallon container full of them for ourselves. I’ll have to scrub them tomorrow. They look much better in the fall than they do when dug in the spring, but the problem is how to keep them from rotting over the winter.

Dragging off the Jerusalem artichokes

Dragging off the Jerusalem artichokes

While I was dragging the big stalks off to the burning pile, Chris cut the asparagus plants down and mowed off a patch of elderly flowering plants that had just about had it. When at the compost pile yesterday we noticed some plants coming up out of the trash and they looked oddly familiar, like avocado plants. I dug them up and sure enough, they had grown from avocado seeds we threw away two months ago. We now have one growing on our plant table in the living room, and await our crop of avocados in a decade or so.

The folks down the road who bought the Reece’s house years ago have a son Michael, who is 12 and comes over now and then to visit us. He is home schooled and quite smart and knowledgeable. He showed up today on his bicycle, and stayed and visited for a while and watched Jeopardy with us until it was time to go home. We gave him some tomatoes to take with him. Our tomatoes are not 1st class any more and a lot of them have bad centers below the cracked tops. Chris cut up a lot of them today, throwing a large portion away, and made some tomato juice with the blender

At 11:30 last night we heard bangs and booms to our north, and Chris went out on the porch and reported that fireworks were going off and she could see the sparkles through the distant trees. Can’t imagine who would be bothering their neighbors with all that noise so late at night!

‘Tis getting late so I shall come to a halt and sign off and say good-night. Wishing our granddaughter Rindy all the best while taking her Physical Therapy boards on Wednesday, and may she pass them with flying colors. – DALE

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