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Chris out mowing the lawn

Chris out mowing the lawn

October 27 – Not as nice a day weather-wise as we had yesterday but still passable and not too cool. Chris is out mowing and cutting down the grass under the barbed wire fence between us and our neighbors on the north. They have a trail on their side of the fence, and we have one on our side, but Chris likes to have all the grass under the fence cut down too.

I just finished sending some e-mails to a friend in Pennsylvania, and also reading an e-mail from our friend Wayne Vail in Tennessee, telling how he and his wife have been out collecting acorns to feed the squirrels that used to come and raid their bird feeder, much to the wife’s annoyance. The squirrels have not been coming to the feeder lately and she is worried about them and wants to have acorns to feed them, come winter. Wayne thinks that perhaps they will have to import one of our squirrels to keep her happy!

It was fun watching Uncle Pete (youngest brother of Chris) on the internet the other night, campaigning for the job of Lancaster selectman. He may not be the likeliest contender at 83, but you never know. He said to us that they have already had some severe frosts there.

I have the Dun Roamin’ II sign down from the porch for re-painting and now just need to paint the black letters. Can’t find any black paint, so will use green paint instead. Will be going out to do that in a few minutes.

Chieftan apples - born and bred in the midwest

Chieftan apples – born and bred in the midwest

Laurie and Larry brought over a bushel of apples that we had bought to help support the senior trip at one of our local schools. We have already been enjoying them but Chris is concentrating on using up our Asian pears. The pears on the tree in our pasture need to be picked, but I guess we’ll just pick a basket of the biggest ones and let the little ones drop.

Do you folks have your Hallowe’en candy bought for the trick-or-treaters yet, or won’t you have the front porch light on? We don’t have a single piece of candy that I can think of, so am hoping nobody decides to come to our door for a change. Seems to me that we have several bags of candy in the freezer downstairs but they must be buried deep by now. Chris has been making brownies, cake, and cookies for my dessert, so no candy needed.

Have a good week and don’t overdo things in the work department, OK? – DALE

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