On the road again…

Donkeys by the roadside

Donkeys by the roadside

October 23 – While out driving around today about five miles from our house, we were interested to see a large group of miniature horses and donkeys. We knew those cute creatures were there, but haven’t seen much of them that close to the road before. Donkeys, in their usual color, baby horses in white and brown and white, and adults with a few spots mixed in were very entertaining to watch.

As I stood by the fence, just about the whole menagerie came over to greet me and beg for food that sadly I didn’t have. Some stuck their heads out between the barbed wire on the fence, others stood as close as they could, just wondering what I was there for. As I talked quietly to them and asked, “What do you want?” they tried to get near enough to touch my camera with their noses. Just as I had several of them in focus, I pushed the button. Unfortunately one or two decided at the last moment that it was time to move and leave the group. Oh, well, since I was patient enough, I did get some good shots. The best one was that of a tiny white horse, eying me up to see what I was made of. Was I a friend or foe? I am not keeping that pic except for good feelings for the horse because he moved just as I pressed the button!

Another old Missouri barn

Another old Missouri barn

Not too far down the road from the horses there’s an old, old barn, and I have always enjoyed checking them out. On my way to the back of that building so I could take a photo of it, I nearly tripped over a huge puffball that was growing so far down in a big hole that I had a hard time pulling it out. On the front of the barn is the work of a local artist. Stretching from one end to the other stand three old cars, painted in yellow, red, blue, and gray. A real sight to those of us who remember seeing some of those cars when they were NOT a sight, but just transportation and vehicles belonging to our friends.

Cars on the barn

Cars on the barn

A little bit of remembering right here, speaking of cars. My dad never owned a car, but when my two older brothers, by working after high school graduation, put together enough money to buy one, they purchased a yellow convertible. Although they were good drivers, they had a little bit of leadfoot syndrome! No matter when they were out driving downtown, a certain policeman pulled them over, just to give them warnings. A few years after buying the car, they sold it to a friend. And guess what? The same policeman, recognizing that bright yellow car, pulled the new owner over several times before realizing that my brothers were no longer the owners! After that, their friend never again reported being pulled over by the friendly policeman.

The Amish Sign

The Amish Sign

Further along the road, we passed what we call the “Amish sign” because of the horse and buggy printed on it. After Dale had parked on a road about a half mile past the sign, I got out and was walking to the sign when a small truck stopped just across from me. The driver waved and smiled, then asked, “Do you want a ride?” Just then something clicked; it was the same friendly young man we had met in the Cowboy Church area that I mentioned about a month ago. I assured him that I was able to walk, that Dale was waiting for me on the next crossroad, and that all was well. Later as I arrived back at the car, a lady drew up in front of us to ask if we needed help. Twice in that short distance! Then Dale told me that another lady had stopped while I was gone, wondering if she could help him! Must be people don’t walk around as much as we do, but rely on their vehicles.

Because we had walked and driven several hours during the day, we were somewhat late for supper, but who cares? Our minds and spirits were well fed, giving us good memories for later on down the road – CHRIS

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2 Responses to On the road again…

  1. Miss Dazey says:

    It was really fun to wake up to this delightful story today. Got to ask, what kind and year was the yellow car?


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