Just drivin’ down the road

Lake where the fireworks took place

Lake where the fireworks took place

October 22 – It’s mid-morning and I hope this isn’t getting anyone out of bed. We’ve just had breakfast for the day and Chris is behind me here, studying. For breakfast this morning I had a whole mushroom from that batch off the pond wall, so if there are no dire effects from that, I guess I shall dine on more of them this evening. Chris found a large puffball on the lawn yesterday as she was taking pictures, so we have that in the fridge too. Added to my breakfast this morning was some goat cheese Gouda on zwiebach and Marmite on the other slice.

Lone Jack Cemetery

Lone Jack Cemetery

Yesterday we had quite a relaxing time, driving around taking pictures and seeing scenery, etc. We stopped at the fireworks place from Saturday night and Chris took a number of pictures. We also stopped by the Lone Jack Cemetery and wandered around there for quite a while as Chris likes to do. That cemetery is sure hard to get to for the first time, as the road to it is right off of Highway 50 with no advance notice and the sign there at the exit just reads Shiloh Estates, with a very small cemetery sign in the distant background. The first time I shot right past and had to go on until it was possible to cross over into the westbound lane and drive back to Lone Jack and turn around and I almost missed the exit again the second time. There are lots of old tombstones there, some with birth dates back in the 1800’s and a couple even earlier, and so many people died young and early then. In the more recent portion of the cemetery the stones were fancier and the deceased passed away at an older age.

Coming back towards home later out of Lone Jack, we stopped to visit some friends of ours; the lady is on oxygen all the time. We visited for a while and had prayer with them, and then came on home. It was Janice’s birthday and anniversary both yesterday but we never got over to wish them a happy day and give them their cards and stuff. They either never seemed to be home or else had other vehicles there and we didn’t want to intrude. We called Janice this morning and she had a long list of places they had to be at yesterday, breakdowns, trips to town, etc. We’ll go over later today and just skip Bob as he will be working. They are trying to get all the soybeans harvested that they can, since rain is expected tomorrow.

Just another wolf spider hanging around the neighborhood

Just another wolf spider hanging around the neighborhood

Chris is planning to sort out our tomatoes today, and cut up a lot of our Asian pears. We keep giving them away but have had trouble finding any half-decent ones as most of them are bumpy and knobby. The tomatoes don’t seem to have the summer flavor that they did, and many have big cracks at the top, but still these are better than nothing. The chestnuts continue to produce nuts from the second round of burrs that I thought would never contain any nuts, and I got a nice container full the other day.

Gotta be moving on, so shall say farewell and good-bye and au revoir, and auf wiederschein, or is it afghanistan? – DALE

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