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Size comparison of our Asian pears

Size comparison of our Asian pears

October 16 – Did three laundry loads yesterday (too much rain since a week ago, so I had a lot, and saved more for Friday when I usually wash clothes. Then I took a few photos, including one of chestnut burrs with a shiny little nut in one, a few of a blue & purple butterfly dining on the sweet remains of a squashed Asian pear, along with a bunch of yellow jackets and huge flies sharing the riches, etc.

Since Dale wanted to see the next Survivor episode, he wanted to go over to pick up the burning barrels about two miles from the church, around five. I told him we could eat after we got home if he wanted to. So that’s what we did: stopped at the church to pick up the carom board and stuff we left there Saturday night, then a couple miles walk (I am going to talk about that in a future blog), and I didn’t have my camera! Fooey! The guy with the barrels was late, so we sat in his driveway reading and doing sudokus before we left for home. I really like bright orange/red sunsets.

Once we got home we ate, listened to all of the hype about the Royals (good for them!), watched Survivor, and I worked on the bulletin. Also got a new stamp catalog in the mail, some neat stamps, others not so neat.

Today was another busy one, with stops in PH to check with the postmaster to see how his son is doing, Price Chopper, greeting cards, Thrift, all of these at different places (before going to the church school for Dad’s program; he does such a good job), then to Kingsville to check with some of my teacher friends and kids, to Holden to see Dana and check with her on the story I’m writing about the 60th anniversary of Bob and Janice, and then home at last! – CHRIS

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