An Asian pear harvest

October 15 – Has been a nice day; a bit too windy but fairly warm and sunny. Eventually Chris decided she wanted to go outside and see what there was out there, so she went and pretty soon had managed to persuade me to go out too. I had really not wanted to face that wind but once out in it, it wasn’t too bad.

Asian pears are round, not pear-shaped (go figure)

Asian pears are round, not pear-shaped

Chris had already started to harvest the giant Asian pears from our two trees, so I joined in. There were a many, hundreds probably, and most of them were oddly distorted and very knobby but some were pretty smooth and round. We kept those smooth round ones and tossed the others into the wheelbarrow, and at the end it was very heavy. I took it to the compost heap and dumped it, then took the good pears up to the house – about three and a half buckets full of them. Maybe we’ll be able to find out what kind of spray would cure the problem and next year we might have all good pears. The larger pear tree is quite tall, so after picking all the pears within arm’s reach we shook down the rest.

After that, Chris went over to the tomato patch and picked the ripe ones, maybe half a bucket full, and I collected more calico lima beans. They are blooming very well still but most of the flowers don’t form pods. I also picked all of our persimmons within reach, maybe half a gallon, and now am wondering what to do with them. Most folks don’t seem to want them.

Have typed up the talk I’m planning to give on Thursday (with Chris’ help) to the lower-grade kids at Summit View Academy about missions and missionaries, and sorted out some curios to take along. I had Chris proof-read it and asked her to add more to that part about her in Rhodesia, but I don’t think she did. It’s been so long ago since we were there that I’m not really sure things are still the same in all respects, but the kids won’t know!


LEFT: Dale as a young boy RIGHT: Grandson Chris as a young boy (nope, no resemblance at all)

Of course Thursday will also be our day for the usual shopping, etc., in Pleasant Hill, get Chris’s flu shot at Price Chopper, and then go to Holden to say hello to our friend Dana the editor there, and then stop at a place on the way back to buy a couple of burning barrels. Can’t do any burning of our trash papers until we get one of them into use, since the old one is ready to collapse.

Bedtime loometh, so I shall say good night and be on my way. – DALE

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