More odds, more ends

October 12 – I had plans for at least some work outside today, but they came to naught! These plans including cutting the giant ragweed out of the edges of the trails, but along with Robbie Burns, I had to realize that the “best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft  a-gley.” So what did I do all day? First of all, I had to sit down and write a summary of the pastor’s sermon to send to the newspaper for publication. That’s something I just about always do during the evening, but since we were at the church for supper and games, it was too late when we got home.

Just part of the Kingsville churck potluck

Just part of the Kingsville churck potluck

(Oh my, don’t even mention food! First we ate too much at the monthly pot luck dinner after church, and had vowed not to eat an evening meal because we were too full already. All sorts of vegetarian roasts, patties, lasagna, baked beans, salads, both fruit and vegetable, deviled eggs, cottage cheese, and desserts ranging from cherry whipped cream delight, pumpkin and apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, (BIG ones), ice cream, and anything else you might think of. Then last night the tables were full of crock pots with all kinds of soups: vegetable, bean, potato/onion, tomato, and several kinds of chili. Fixings included cheese, crackers of all kinds, dips , and many other scrumptious things. And yes, we really did eat, but only a little bit, for we just didn’t have any room left to fill.)

But back to business! Lots of “little things,”took up my time today, like making a big pot of tomatoes and spaghetti for supper; filling out my journal again; clearing off lots of e-mail photos to send along with my articles for the local newspaper; answering a number of e-mails; fixing up a birthday card for our neighbor who turned 80 today on the birth date of Columbus (My name Chris did not come from his, by the way); trying to catch up on my reading of our church paper; visiting with our grandson Kevin who was home from Union College in Nebraska for a break in the school year; and watching Funniest Home Videos.

Our evening game of choice

Our evening game of choice

Instead of waiting until just before bed time to play our usual Rummi-Kub game, we spent an hour or so just before I sat down to write this. Guess who won? Both or neither of us. For a change, each of us won two games.

And after a storm tonight and maybe tomorrow, we will enjoy the outdoors again after a few days, and appreciate it even more because winter is on its way! – CHRIS

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