An early morning with Luna

October 10 – Wednesday morning when I checked the clock, I saw that it was a little past time for the eclipse of the moon, and the almost-scary sight in the dark sky. Parts of the moon were dark reddish, giving an eerie look to that part of the sky. Barefoot, with a light gown and a winter jacket, I must have looked pretty scary myself!

After awhile, I slipped into the bedroom to see if Dale wanted to take in the view. “Can you see it through the window?” he asked. “No, but it’s not cold outside and it’s really neat!” “Not for me,” he answered before turning over, covering himself with the blanket, and then going off to sleep. I never did go back to bed but watched till the moon was practically back to normal and the sunrise had arrived. – CHRIS

Full moon before the eclipse

Full moon before the eclipse

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