Oh where, oh where, have my little pics gone?

For I do put my bow in the cloud...

For I do put my bow in the cloud…

October 5 – This morning I was wondering what I should write about, but couldn’t come up with anything right then. I suspect I was feeling down and out because I couldn’t locate the last couple files of photos I had taken to put on the blog to illustrate what I had written.

Several days ago, I lost one in which there were a number of pics of a beautiful rainbow, stretching across the sky just across from the house. A bit of rain was coming down, but I hardly felt it because of my joy at seeing and photographing the rainbow. Not that I don’t have more of rainbows in the past, but those, like very special cumulus clouds always give me a lift! Nothing much more beautiful.

And on his farm he had some tins, E-I-E-I-O

And on his farm he had some tins, E-I-E-I-O

Strange. Last night, I took a couple pics of the bed right by the computer, another one of shells from my collection, and a third from some tins I had bought at a thrift store to add to another collection. Nothing special about those last things; I just enjoy seeing tins of all kinds, cookies and candies being more common than others. Even have a couple music boxes that held some sort of candy at one time.

So I put the flashdrive in the computer, went through all of the steps of double-clicking on DCIM, then of the PANA folder, etc. etc. right on down through to the last move of naming the folder what you want, select it, and move. So what happened? Nothing except for what had taken place when I first lost the rainbow and gooey ground cherries! Nowhere could those pics be found. So, why bother to continue?


When ground cherries explode…

I decided I would still take photos now and then, leaving them in the camera till son David could take care of the problem. If I wanted illustrations for more work on the blog, I’d have to take them from files I already had from other years. But that idea just didn’t go over with me. If I were writing something that just happened, then it should be illustrated with photos I had just taken. Humph. (I inherited a bit of stubbornness from my dad!)

So now I had lost photos on the computer, but not where they really belong. That part of the problem would have to wait until David had a chance to come out again to fix it up for me. Computers and I never decided to be special friends! Every time I sit down to type, the thought goes through my mind: “Well, how will things work out today? Hope nothing will go wrong and that I can remember what to do in various situations!”

Epilogue: Maybe you can imagine the joy and happiness along with amazement when those files showed up later in the day! Although Dale was working in the garage sorting out stuff to be burned in the big barrel, I called him in to see what had happened! When he saw the rainbow come up on the screen, he knew why I was so delighted and so thankful that the lost had been found. CHRIS

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