Half-price at the Thrift Store

141002_ChipDaleClockOctober 2 – We were awake a good bit of the early morning today since the sheet lightning was performing in all of its splendor, and doing her best to show her power, shining more and more brightly through the windows. About an hour after I had covered most of my head, trying to get back to darkness and sleep, I quietly asked Dale, “Are you awake?” When he said, “Uh, uh,” I asked, “Do you see the lightning?” His reply, “I’ve been watching it for the last hour!” Well, we had planned to get up early, around seven, so we could get off to town for various reasons, but I hadn’t planned on FIVE o’clock! We finally decided we had had enough of that bright show, so we got up about seven and headed off for Pleasant Hill.

There we visited with the postmaster to find out about his son’s medical progress, and our friend Sheila at Price Chopper. She was so pleased to get the happy birthday sign seen in an earlier blog pic! Several of the employees came up for a hug and mentioned that they hadn’t seen us for awhile. Such a friendly group at that store. We also stopped at the license bureau for Dale to renew his drivers license.

By now it was about 9:45, so decided to stop at the Thrift Store just about next door before heading for Dale’s doctor appointment at noon. The clerk/manager met us at the door just as we were reading the sign that said, “Closed.” As he opened the door, he apologized for not unlocking it earlier. As he talked to us for awhile, I asked, “Jamaican?” “No, Kenya,” he answered. Well, that was interesting news, and we quickly told him that we had lived in Rhodesia, were married there almost 60 years ago, and had enjoyed our honeymoon at Victoria Falls. We asked about the carved animals and African people. Lots of paintings, too. “Did you make these things?” we questioned. Laughing, he said, “No, if I did, they wouldn’t cost so much, but with the transportation and paying the customs, we just have to charge a lot.”

He announced that summer clothes were only fifty cents, and since it was senior citizens’ day, we could have half off anything in the store besides! Off we went checking out books of all kinds, puzzles and games, glassware and kitchen utensils, tins, and all kinds of stuff. Since we have so much already stored down in our basement, we bought very little, just some neat little cookie and candy tins–each for a quarter or fifty cents to most individuals, but to us “elderly” ones, just half that, so our total was 89 cents! Dale said to the man, “Well, here’s a dollar!” (we were big spenders today)

Blood pressure checks

Blood pressure checks

Visited the doctor for Dale’s check-up to make sure all was going well so that a new prescription could be filled. After a bone density test, we hurried off to the Skin Cancer and Dermatology Center. When the nurse told me she was going to take my blood pressure I told her that I knew it would be high, because of the running around we had done and also because a visit to the doctor (which I seldom make) always raises the pressure. Sure enough – it was up roughly 30 points, but nothing to worry about. My son calls that White Coat Syndrome. The doctor froze off a couple of tiny blisters on my nose, and I was on my way back to the waiting room.

On the way home, Dale bought a big bag of potting soil at WalMart, so he can start some new stapelia plants. A car fill-up, a visit to Betty and Barney, and then home once again. Another town day…finished! – CHRIS

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