So what do you do with a persimmon?

September 30 – It’s only ten o’clock, so I hope I’m not awakening you bloggers too early! We just had our breakfast and our work day is starting. Chris is going to start peeling some of our apples to make apple sauce, while I write this up.

Main ingredient - applesauce!

Main ingredient – applesauce!

And the finished product

And the finished product

Will soon be time to bring my houseplants into the living room, so I guess I need to get out there on the porch and do some clipping and cutting back and re-rooting and tidying up. The stapelia plants look very messy with many old stems shrivelled up, but I hate to cut much off yet as there are quite a few blooms still there. Will have to drag up the old table from the basement and set it up ready for the plants when the cold drives them in. Our living room will look smaller and messier with that thing by the window!

Janice gave us haircuts yesterday, and while she was cutting my hair, I spotted a little blue-tailed skink running around Chris’ feet, trying to get traction on the slippery vinyl floor. It had come in earlier via a doorway, and had been seen in the living room and was now in the kitchen. I jumped down and caught it, then consigned it to the out-of-doors. I kept worrying that it was going to shed its tail, but it didn’t.

Yesterday I collected nearly a gallon of persimmons from our tree, and had to figure out some way to use them. Those things are so difficult to do anything with, as the skins just break up and stick to the inner portion and what do you do then? Chris checked it on the internet and there were various suggestions and I shall try one of them later. You take a potato masher and squash them and scrape off the material that oozes through the masher. I guess you can use it for making cookies, or can spread it out on a tray in a thin layer and dry it in the oven and make fruit leather. I shall try for the fruit leather. – DALE

Dale working on the persimmons

Dale working on the persimmons

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