You can hear the Fairchilds drive a hundred miles…

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

September 24 – We spent a LOT of time in Lee’s Summit today, and drove roughly 100 miles. If I had known the routes to everything and hadn’t encountered all the one-way roads that took us far out of our way, we would have ridden a lot less. Some of those highways are certainly inconveniently conceived. Maybe a road map would have been a good thing to have, but we didn’t have one. And I was a bit worried because today at the doctor’s office, the receptionist told me that my driver’s license expired as of 9/16/2014! I was sure hoping I wouldn’t have to show it to any police officer! Will have to call tomorrow and ask why I never received any notification, and what to do next.

Not knowing if my doctor’s appointment at St. Luke’s today would be “feast or famine”, I phoned to ask but the nurse was busy and I had to leave a message. Fearing she wouldn’t answer promptly, Chris decided to make us lunches and we would skip breakfast and eat in town somewhere. Before we left, the nurse called and said that I could eat before my appointment but by then it was too late since the lunches were already packed. We eventually ate them in the Walmart parking lot.

Our first stop was at a tractor dealer where I bought some parts for our Cub Cadet, and then we went on to Aldi nearby and got a few things edible. Next we stopped at Dollar Tree and bought some birthday cards, and then to Hy Vee where we found our good friend there had come very early and gone home early. We had to leave our bag of tomatoes for her with a clerk. At Walmart Chris bought a pretty little watch that she could wear to church (after the clerk shortened the band quite a bit), and we bought a couple of cans of hornet spray since our last one was used up at the church shed in a single day. I also splurged and bought a bar of Hershey’s chocolate with almonds.

We vant to draw your blud

We vant to draw your blud

Dawdling in the parking lot while we ate our lunch, we passed the time until we figured we ought to be heading for the doctor’s office at St. Luke’s. Got lost getting there while trying to find a short-cut, and had to drive way out of our way and then backtrack. Lots of paper work to fill out before I finally saw the doctor. I got checked out, gave him a bag of fresh tomatoes, and paid a $45 co-pay.

Then, oh joy, we were instructed that I had to go to Quest for my blood work now, even though they used to do that right at the hospital. The place we went turned out to not be Quest after all, so had to get additional instructions on how to get there. After wandering around for a bit, we finally got there and had the test work done. Leaving Quest, we came to ANOTHER one-way highway that took us for miles before we could turn around. Very annoying indeed!

We finally escaped Lee’s Summit and stopped along the way home to get some gas for the mower. The little gas station where we stopped is one where you never know if the price will be above or below the levels in town. To our pleasure it was $3.05/gal, as opposed to $3.07 elsewhere. Too bad we just needed five gallons.

So there you have it. It is roughly ten o’clock and we are going to play a couple of games of Rummikub once we have seen the ten o’clock news. Good-night and y’all have a good night’s rest. – DALE

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