Spiders and skinny flies

Wolf spider - before the babies climbed back on board

Wolf spider – before the babies climbed back on board

September 24 – Despite a declaration that she was not going to rake any more cut grass, Chris started out doing exactly that…raking the grass. I joined her later, and dragged all the heaps of grass off to the compost heap on the blue tarp.

During this activity I disturbed quite a large female wolf spider with a whole family of tiny babies perched on her back. I coaxed her into my hand and kept her confined while going up to the house to have pictures taken. After crawling around on my hand for a bit she jumped off and her landing sent babies flying all over the place. They raced around wildly but eventually most of them somehow found their mother again and climbed aboard. When most of them seemed to be in place, mother spider took off and we let her go.

We also found something interesting in our tomato patch. On the ripe tomatoes on just one plant there are dozens and dozens of small, skinny flies that just crawl and fly around endlessly. Can’t figure out why they’re doing that, or why on only one plant. I picked our tomatoes today, getting just one bucket full. We have a lot of them sitting in the garage now and don’t quite know just what to do with them all. Today we go to Lee’s Summit for a doctor’s appointment, and may take the doctor a bag of tomatoes, and we have a friend at Hy Vee that we’ll probably give some tomatoes to as well. For a change I don’t think we’ll go to Pleasant Hill on Thursday as we usually do.

Python skin from Africa

Python skin from Africa

Chris got out her larger python skin and hung it on the clothes line and took some pictures but the sun was shining directly on it and she was afraid the reflection would be too much. However, it did quite well, but she did take more pictures in different parts of the yard. I don’t suppose that Miss Dazey (one of our loyal readers) will be too thrilled with those.

Have been using our weed-eater around the yard and then off at the edge of the pond where the growth is real thick and tall. The weed-eater isn’t strong enough to eat away such a thick mass of weeds and grass, so I just cut off the upper portions and the lower part is still there. Didn’t go clear around the pond as my arms were getting a bit sore and weary. Will be back later, no doubt.

Ground cherries ready for the trash heap

Ground cherries ready for the trash heap

We finally pulled up all of our ground cherry plants this afternoon and carted them off to the burning pile. They were so old and beat up that we were just glad to get them out of our sight. But there were a lot of ground cherries lying under them, and we picked up quite a few that we’ll be shucking as we watch our favorite TV programs. Lots of them still lying there, and the promised Wednesday rains might wash them off a bit. – DALE

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