Can the lawn be done yet?



September 23 – Worked a bit on the computer before going out for the day’s duties: more lawn mowing, after spending roughly six hours on it earlier this week, but we’re just about done now except for the jungle area down the road a bit.

Need to do some more ground cherry picking (Dale did that yesterday), and if there is any time left, I can find other things that need doing! We also need to rake up the mowed grass. I told Dale that I was NOT, absolutely not, going to rake this time. So? I will be out there raking, and he will be using the weedeater! We are still picking cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers.

Just sent a bunch of flower pictures to Cody at the church as we talked last week that the big TV screens on both sides of the church up front always have the same photos. They appear to be the commercial ones that came with the program. I was wondering if they can stand upright, or if the photo has to be sent the long way. I asked him, but only after I had sent the last batch. More later! – CHRIS

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