Sittin’ on the Front Porch

September 15 – One of my favorite places around the house is the front porch, not very big, but a special place just the same. As I sat out there and read this afternoon, a number of things came to mind. That’s where I go to open my study books, where quietness and peace settle in. It’s a special place to pray, too, a place where the names of  acquaintances and friends, along with family members, are presented to the Lord. Prayers for needs and prayers of thanksgiving.

201409_FlowersAs I look around the yard, I see the trumpet vines with their beautiful orange blossoms, covering a good bit of the fence between the home lawn and the pasture. There also are the pure white clematis blossoms spread all over the rest of the fence. Special meaning to those fence coverings, as our daughter Biz brought them to us when she worked at Powell Gardens.

Morning glories on the fence

Morning glories on the fence

On the front fence Dale plants heavenly blue morning glories, with blossoms that cover the entire fence, and make passers-by smile as they enjoy the sight. A row of peonies in white, pink, and red stretch across the lawn in front the porch, and are joined by two big mock orange bushes, and a dwarf spirea. Farther up the lawn area we have many yucca plants that give us a stunning display of tall and sturdy stems peppered with white flowers. Mixed in are some wild rose bushes which I try to keep cut down, but I always miss some. Dark pink cone flowers, and black-eyed Susans, with their bright gold petals, add more color to the area.

Removing branches from the downed Grandma Fairchild tree

Removing branches from the downed Grandma Fairchild tree

In the corner where the fences meet, we had planted a pine tree with a very special meaning as it stood for the love of Dale’s mom who died at the age of 92. Our kids, David and Biz, wanted to show their love and appreciation for her by planting that tree. Unfortunately, about a month ago, the tree toppled to the ground; its trunk and branches are now in a pile in the pasture.
Of course, we aren’t too happy with the mosquitoes that come around in the evening, but the fireflies make up for it all. We both point out those flashing bright lights as they branch out all over the area, some way across the road, but easily seen because of their brightness. We also take time to look at various constellations and planets. My favorite is Orion, although I always check to see the Big Dipper and Andromeda, just to remember again how they are so far away, but can still be seen by those of us who are so many light years away from them.

201409_ChrisDaleWaveSometimes, when Dale and I both are out on the porch and the neighbor folks drive by, we both give them a big wave to show we see them!

Because of that, one of those neighbors told his wife that Chris and Dale “have to be the ‘wavingest people'” he had ever seen. Oh well, we are just trying to be friendly! – CHRIS

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