Road improvements

201409_AdaptHighwaySeptember 11 – For several years we chose to pick up litter for a two-mile stretch along a nearby highway. Since we were doing that anyway, we decided to pick it up just off the highway and on the road that goes by our neighbor’s house. After we had done this for awhile, we found a lovely note of thanks in our mailbox from the neighbors for picking up in front of their house!

Lots of good folks around here, really. One of the ladies we have learned to know would see us now and again as we walked that two mile section. She always waved and shouted out to thank us. Once as a car drove past us, the driver pulled into the next driveway, and the lady and her husband came over to us. “Chris and Dale, I want you to meet my husband. He already knows you, because I have told him of all the good work you do!”

There IS the opposite side of the coin, of course. Once when we were marching along with our half-filled trash bags, a car came zooming down the road, the horn blowing like mad, and just as the carful of young guys reached us, they threw a banana skin right at me! Having five brothers helped me to choose what to do quickly, so I ducked just in time to escape that yellow skin! – CHRIS

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