Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to town we go

Eating my birthday goodies from Sheila

Enjoying my birthday goodies from Sheila

September 11 – Good evening to all and sundry out there in the world of blogging. There must be some reason why all the windows are shut and I’m wearing a warm, long-sleeve shirt here in Missouri. Do any of you have the same issues?

We have done very little outdoor work around here today. Since it was Pleasant Hill shopping day, most of our activities were indoors. Right now Chris has the fridge about empty and all the contents are sitting on the kitchen counter while she sorts everything out and finds a better place for it. Suffice it to say, it doesn’t look as if starvation is lurking near.

The thrift store was our first stop, and there we unloaded a few items we were donating, took in a few tomatoes for two friends there, and walked around the place a few times looking for anything of interest we might want to buy. Our final payment when we left was $1.10, I think! We can no longer find much that we need, but I think we mainly just go to say hello to friends and customers we know there. The post office was our next stop, where we visited with the chief honcho for a few minutes and checked on the welfare of his son, who has cancer. Dollar General had us for customers next; Chris bought some birthday cards there and I looked for a can of hornet spray but they were sold out, so our purchases were small. Then we were off looking for any garage sales on our way to Price Chopper, and we did find two or three. The weather was not the best, drizzling quite a bit, so the sales were all indoors. Starting on Friday there will be a city-wide garage sale but a few folk decided to start theirs a day earlier. Too bad they will have some colder weather to cope with. We bought a few small things; one sale had a lot of rusty tools and garden equipment and interesting stuff but we didn’t need it and so bought very little.

At Price Chopper we carried in some bags of tomatoes for some friends there, and of course made sure to find our friend Sheila hiding in the floral department. We delivered a bag to her, apologizing for the fact that the tomatoes were not the large kind we would have preferred to bring, but in this kind of weather they were not ripening and all we had were Romas.

In turn, Sheila had a surprise for us – some very tasty confectionary she had made for my birthday next week. There were several two-for-the-price-of-one items that we bought, even though we were not really in need of them yet. And so our day’s shopping was done and we headed east for home, stopping along the way to visit some friends of ours who we we met while picking up litter on Highway E. The wife is fighting cancer; we visited for a while, had prayer for her, and then went on homewards. Finally we got around to having breakfast, after midday, and it was really lunch rather than breakfast. For dessert we had some of Sheila’s goodies with two lit candles on top.

My health insurance arranged an appointment for me with a representative of theirs who goes around and checks on their customers, taking down information about their health and medications. The lady was here before five and we had a pleasant half hour or so talking and recording what was needed. She took my blood pressure, heart beat, and temperature and checked mouth and ears and eyes and pronounced me in good health. In parting I gave her a bag of ground cherries, since she enjoyed the sample I had offered.

Have a very good evening all of you and if it’s cold, be sure to have extra blankets on the beds and socks on your feet when you retire, etc. – DALE

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