Fences Make Good Neighbors

Dawg taking a run by the fence row  (when it wasn't mowed)

Dawg taking a run by the fence row
(when it wasn’t mowed)

September 9 – I have mowed along the fence that separates our property from our neighbor to the north ever since we moved here, doing the best I could to keep the poison ivy & rose bushes down. Last year, I noticed that the field right up to the fence was mowed! So I continued to mow our side and as far as I could reach under the fence. Our neighbor continued to mow with the riding mower or tractor, whichever, while I did what I could to spruce up the area on our side.

One day Dale asked if he could remove the bottom wire so I could mow better under the fence. Hooray! Finally, after I mowed as far as I could, I shoved the mower under the fence at the end, then crawled under on my hands and knees, and mowed his side. Sure does look good! Even if Dale does think I am missing a few of my marbles!

And before I forget… Back about 15 years ago when we had first moved to Missouri, I noticed some huge blackberries on his bushes just across from our property line. After a week or so, I noticed that the berries hadn’t been picked, so obviously he wasn’t interested in them. Well, I was! However, just as I reached across to pick the first ones, I got shocked! How in the world should I know that he had an electric fence to keep his cows at home? And as if the shock wasn’t bad enough, that guy has razzed me every time I see him since because as luck would have it, he was standing up by his barn when I was shocked! He said I jumped about a foot, right straight up in the air; now that might not be a true distance, but the shock WAS real! Bu seriously, he and his wife are such great neighbors and we’re glad to live next door. – CHRIS

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One Response to Fences Make Good Neighbors

  1. Tammy Hill says:

    Cute caption about fences/neighbors!!


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