Sixteen Years Ago

September 3 – The following are from some of my journal entries the week we moved to Missouri 16 years ago. History in the making! – CHRIS

201409_HomeplaceAugust 31, 1998
Left for Missouri at 6 am. Lots of construction, rain at St. Louis, along with bumper-to-bumper traffic over the bridge. An ambulance went right through the yield sign—almost a collision. Took us 15 hours. Bob, Janice, and Harvey got here just before we did! Terribly slow trip. Three hours at a rest stop. No air conditioning in the U-Haul, and so heavily loaded it almost tipped over. Betty Bish phoned. Went to see the house. Cute and roomy. Dale loves the barn/shed. E-mail from Ed. He went to say goodbye at noon.

September 1, 1998
Fixed grapes to be frozen for juice later Rained with lightning and thunder. Ryder truck got stuck on the back lawn. Had to be pulled out with the tractor, 2 Reynolds plus 2 Reynolds + 2 Fairchilds + David unloaded the truck. Great Grandpa came. Aunt Betty brought a lovely white mum. Took all the stuff out of both trucks—garage is packed to the brim—lots in kitchen and basement. David set up the computer and JUNO. Finished unloading about 5 pm. Ate tomato sandwiches, chips, pop, and cake for dinner. After baths we had haystacks at B/H and watched Guinness Book of Records. The emus and the duck are quite the birds. I felt sorry for some of the folks who were so tired.

September 3, 1998
Lovely day, but hot. Beautiful sunrise. Worked on boxes in the garage starting at 8 and stopped at a little before 3. Time off for breakfast. Dale went with Reynolds to take the moving trucks back. They were gone from 11 to almost 2. I moved about half the boxes so the attic steps could come down. Lots of stuff to the shed, attic, and basement. Janice brought tasty baked beans and salad. Everyone joined in mowing the lawn. Talk about tired and dirty and sore arms.

September 4, 1998
Another 90 degree day, but not as bad as it used to be when I was 35 pounds heavier! Found my tape-playing radio so I could go back to tapes! Good! Worked on boxes in the kitchen and got the stuff all put away. Biz stopped a couple times with groceries and also finished mowing the lawn. Propane guy came. Put away all the stamps and post cards. Really looks different. Dale put the lamps together. Also the stereo and small living room tables.

The carpet guy phoned saying he would be late, then phoned to say he couldn’t come till Monday. Fooey. Biz phoned about the stove we ordered as it went on sale the day after we ordered it. So the lady said we could have it for the sale price—saved us $60. Biz took our washing home, about 3 loads. Dale connected our washer, but the dryer has to be adapted for propane. Dave and Darla came at 5:30 with a welcome basket and super-burgers and fruit salad. The girls have grown! Biz and family came after supper. Worship. So good to know that we are all home here now. New Chicken Soup book.

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