Counter wait

Fitting the new countertops into place

Fitting the new countertops into place

September 2 – The end of another day approacheth and I sit me down for a few lines about what went on in our house-hold today. It sort of seems as if we really haven’t done a lot, mostly just sit around waiting for workmen to arrive and waiting for them to depart, with their jobs done. We have just had supper and done the dishes. As happens now and then, the lever that keeps or releases the water in the tub stuck this afternoon, and I had to unscrew the thing and set the thing inside free before Chris could take her bath.

"Under the sink" is not quite the same as "under the sea"

“Under the sink” is not quite the same as “under the sea”

Somewhere past ten this morning a truck arrived with our counter tops and brought them inside, but the man who was to install them was in a different vehicle and hadn’t arrived yet, so we waited some more. But he did get here and worked fast and efficiently and it was amazing how soon his job was done and he was on his way. Then more waiting until our plumber arrived to install the new sink. Chris fed him some ground cherries while he waited for his assistant to get the under-sink work done. The men fixed our leaking bathroom sink faucet, gave me the bill, and were gone.

There were things we would have done in the yard if we hadn’t had to be in the house for any any phone calls, but tomorrow is another day. Chris wants to do some hand mowing AND we need to pick the ground cherries AND move all the jars of canned tomato juice downstairs to their places on the shelves AND contemplate what needs to be done with another four five-gallon buckets of tomatoes we picked yesterday! We offered the workmen here today tomatoes for free, but they all turned down the offer, having plenty of their own.

Dave sent me some Marmite ads from youtube – boy, the people took much more Marmite than was needed for a slice of toast (and without any butter either). No wonder they all made those disgusted faces! Well, I keep on eating it and had more for breakfast, plus some Rice Krispies with canned ground cherries on them, too. – DALE

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