Revenge of the Osage Orange

Part of the Osage Orange hedgerow on the west side of our property

Part of the Osage Orange hedgerow on the west side of our property

August 30 – It’s a good thing that Dale and I work together on so many projects, although we also enjoy the times we are on our own. We keep an eye on each other throughout the day though, because at our age, we might need some help along the way!

I remember an accident I had a couple of years ago when I was out cutting off a young osage orange that had grown up alongside an ancient tree stump. Just as I reached out the big clippers to cut the osage off at the ground level, my foot slipped, and a sharp piece of the stump ripped into my ankle. Since I always like to finish what I start, I just continued to cut the osage, even if my ankle did hurt!

Finally, when the young tree was cut off, I happened to look down at my ankle. Blood was oozing out of my shoe, and I thought maybe I should let Dale know what had happened. I could see him a couple hundred feet away, working by the bridge he had made for the creek crossing. I yelled to get his attention. Nothing. I yelled again, a couple times, with the same result. Only one thing to do. I limped off in his direction with blood all over the place.Finally, he could hear me yelling, and rushed across the bridge.When he saw the blood he told me to stay put while he ran up to the house to get some ointment and bandages. Never did go to the doctor, but did a lot of limping for awhile! As I glance down at my ankle right now, I can see a very neat v-shaped scar, over an inch long on either side. That’s life on the farm! – CHRIS

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