To Simmer or not to Simmer?

August 29 – Got up early this morning so I could get the laundry done before the rains that were promised for this afternoon came. Two loads on the line, one in the washer, and the last waiting to be tossed in, when Dale came in from the garage. “Look outside,” he said. “A real surprise!” I began to wonder if the forecasters ever get their predictions correct. OK, I at least didn’t have to wring out the last two loads separately or hang them on the line either. When the rains were over, I put on a pair of huge shoes I save for such occasions and clomped along through the wet grass, took the clothes down and put them in the wringer before they ended up in the dryer. The second load received the same treatment, so all was not lost.

Simmering canning lids (

Simmering canning lids – (

Just pulled out from the fridge four big bowls of shucked ground cherries, and will get to the task of canning them next. They look so appetizing with their golden yellow color and will taste great this winter when the snows tell us that we have to be like the ants and work while the sun shines. I AM going to simmer the jar lids as I did yesterday when every one of the jars sealed perfectly. so different from a couple days ago when many of them didn’t. Probably because I had just read that lids should not be boiled or cooked or simmered, but used directly from the box. That was a first for me, because Mom always had the water boiling when she tossed in the lids. I did that for 60 years! I guess it’s true that we shouldn’t believe everything we see or hear, but I know one thing. When I get out the jar lids in a bit, I’m going to put them in a kettle of very hot water, and then simmer!

We worked several hours this afternoon sorting through all of the books we had packed in boxes so we could take the big bookcase out of the kitchen in preparation for the new floor. Really glad those books are back on the shelves now. Extra space, though, because we are giving away a set of encyclopedias and a box of other books to the thrift store. That made even more room for a big set of nature encyclopedias that just sat in a box waiting for Dale to read them all. (Oh, he bought those from the thrift store!)

Speaking of Dale, he just came in from picking lots of tomatoes to bag up to give to the folks around who didn’t plant any. I can just imagine what his outer clothes look like! I couldn’t even get the yellow tinges off his undershirts when I washed them this morning. That stuff just hangs on to our clothes, so I wear a heavy long-sleeved shirt that used to be his. Somehow, though, that green stain finds its way onto our clothes, our hands, and face.

Almost time to get the bolete mushrooms fried up, slowly, so they don’t lose their taste. Dale had better have a good appetite! – CHRIS

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1 Response to To Simmer or not to Simmer?

  1. Linda Ace says:

    Aunt Sis, what is a ground cherry?


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