Re: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – one of them HAS to be tomato season

Help, we're surrounded by tomato juice!

Help, we’re surrounded by tomato juice!

August 28 – Last night I told Dale that I wanted to get our shopping and visiting done as soon as possible since I had a lot of tomatoes in the basement, and needed to get them into canning jars as soon as I could. OK, we agreed, but somewhere along the line our plans didn’t work out.

At the Thrift Store, we checked out a lot of things, but for a change didn’t buy “cute” stuff that we really wouldn’t use. It’s always great to see the ladies in charge and the customers as well. I did find a two-cassette program of Handel’s Messiah and another of Vivaldi’s classic hits for a grand total of twenty-five cents! As soon as we got home, put on the Messiah and found it to be a great rendition by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. But that Vivaldi! Instead of the various parts of the Four Seasons, a loud woman singer blasted out a song that was hard on my ears. I tossed THAT tape into the waste basket!

At Price Chopper we found a number of our good friends who are employed there. Sheila, who is friendly to everyone, came for her hug and told us that she was checking out our blog and copying the contents for a folder she is keeping (I blush)! We had a number of conversations with the employees and other friends as we moved along through the store. It always gives us a lift to see such smiling faces everywhere.

One friend told us that one of the ladies who works at another store would be finishing her career there tomorrow! That was strange, as we had just seen her earlier and she hadn’t mentioned that at all. So, we made a point of going back a mile or so to wish her well and tell her once again how much we had always appreciated her kindness and big smiles. Our last visit involved a couple who are really close to each other, and the husband does everything he can to smooth the road a bit for his wife who has been ill for some time. Her husband was in the hospital last week for a check-up on his heart because of the pain he felt. Fortunately, even though the pain did not abate considerably, he turned out to be suffering from acid reflux, rather than a heart problem. When we got home, the phone rang, and another friend who had been at the doctor’s earlier, said thank you for the bag of tomatoes and ground cherries he had found on the handle of the front door! How did he know who had left them?

After a quick lunch, I was off to the stove/sink area in the basement. Several bushels of tomatoes were waiting for me to slice them up, give them a hot bath, and then send them through the juicing machine! Thanks to my mom, we have enough kettles to do the job. Two of them hold about 20 quarts, while the other six aluminum ones hold about 16. It’s a good thing Dale is around to help because my being short makes it pretty hard to lift the big kettle onto the burner. After the huge kettles had been filled several times, I could get started on getting the canning jars ready. Not as many lying around idle as there used to be because we have given away a number of them. Guess we don’t eat as much as we used to! Finally all of the juice was boiling, and the jars were filled. Nice of Dale to share the clean-up job after doing up 43 quarts of tomato juice that will be used for drinks, soups, and gravies in the winter.

Speaking of food, I wasn’t very smart yesterday when I made supper. As I drove the lawn mover around, I thought of what we might have for supper since I wouldn’t have much time to fix the food after the mowing was finished. Then I remembered that I had a good supply of macaroni in the fridge, all ready to put into some kind of dish. Since we both enjoy macaroni salad, I decided that would be the main part of the meal with chopped onions, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, olives, pickles, kidney beans, corn, and nuts. Yum! Sounded good to me. So when the lawn mowing was finished, I got out the big bowl and all of the ingredients mentioned above–except that I forgot the main one, macaroni! First time we had ever had macaroni salad without macaroni! Since Dale didn’t know what he would have for supper, he didn’t know anything was left out!

Dale just popped in to ask if I were going to have anything for supper as we ate breakfast around lunch time! That was nice, but I have had a busy day and just don’t feel like eating. Right now, cold lemonade sounds a lot better than food! – CHRIS

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