It’s Thursday – Must be Town Day

201408_PriceChopperAugust 28 – Just had lunch/breakfast after getting home from Pleasant Hill. We seem to spend more time visiting folks in the stores and homes than we do shopping. No luck getting much at the thrift store, just 2 or 3 CD’s, just a quarter for the lot. We went round & round but found nothing unusual, so our total purchase was twenty-five cents!

We stopped at the bank on the way home to cash a check, and I got two rolls of quarters for Chris to look over. She found one of the state quarters that she didn’t have and several others that she wanted to keep. She is pleased to have another one of those display boards with the holes where you push the quarter in and it is supposed to stay, not like most of the others she has bought in past years (where they didn’t).

We did a little shopping at Stop and Save, and talked with our favorite person there. Later, at Price Chopper, another friend told us that tomorrow is that lady’s last day at work, as she is retiring due to painful shoulders at 70. We were surprised that she had not told us about it, and drove all the way back to Stop and Save to say good-bye. She was surprised that we knew, as she hadn’t wanted to say anything about it. Our last stop was on the way home, at a home where the lady is on oxygen, and her husband was just in the hospital for three days where they thought he might be suffering from a heart attack. Instead, it was just a severe case of acid reflux!

Sheila, our good friend at Price Chopper, told us how much she is enjoying our blog entries – she prints them all up as they arrive and has a folder for them (Hi Sheila!) We have more effort getting out of Price Chopper; we have so many friends, employees and customers there that we meet in the aisles and then spend considerable time visiting.

The other day a bird box blew down from one of our trees, and I had taken it into the workshop to clean and and then re-hang. I took off the lid and a couple of small insects ran out, so I turned it upside down and banged it to get any others out. Nothing fell out and I looked in to make sure and noticed a number of darkish objects clinging to the walls. I quickly aimed it elsewhere, as they were wasps, along with a small wasp nest! Can’t figure out why they never flew out at any time, even when I banged the box. So the box is still out there in the workshop, awaiting their departure. – DALE

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