Use all the mulch you want. We’ll make more…

August 26 – This morning I took advantage of the cooling(?) breeze and mulched the blackberry patch. Yes, it was about 90 degrees, but that breeze can change things! With another six wheelbarrow loads of mulch spread around, that huge pile of grass gleaned from the lawn mowings for the last two weeks has really become smaller! Dale stayed in the house to take care of things that needed to be put back in order in the kitchen after the floor covering was done yesterday. He worked on the doors, and cabinets, etc. Sure was good to have ice-cold water in the fridge door again after trying to drink the tepid yucky water we had yesterday! I think that’s what I missed the most, with the fridge with no doors, sitting in the living room.

One of the paths that Chris keeps mowed

One of the paths that Chris keeps mowed

Mentioned to Dale that I planned to mow the grass across the creek in the pond area. So while he wrote a letter to our friend Mike Collins in Beirut, I got the push mower from the barn, rolled it over to the pond, and hoped it would start. I tell Dale it’s because my arms are so short I can’t give that rope the big yank it needs to pay attention! Well, on the fourth try, I was on my way to clearing off the wall of the pond closest to the water. Would be a bit dangerous to use the riding mower there; I have never swum in a pond full of catfish before and don’t plan to do that now! Don’t need to be that cool…

About an hour later, I was just finishing up the trimming with the hand mower, and wishing somehow that Dale had the riding mower ready for me to do the rest of the area. Then I heard a familiar sound as the mower, with Dale driving, drove across the creek crossing! We couldn’t have timed that any better if we had tried. After trading mowers; he finished the trim that was left, and I was off to finish the job, including the trails all around that section of our acreage.

Ground cherries - deshucked

Ground cherries – deshucked

Then it was time for our daily viewing of Jeopardy. I usually work a Sudoku puzzle while the show is on because I don’t have to read each question myself. Alec Trebek does that for me, reminding me of the old days when I listened to the show on the radio. Today, though, I had the bright idea to shuck some ground cherries during the program. That was a good idea because we finished up two gallon plastic buckets full of those tasty little yellow fruits, about the size of a tiny grape. I will be canning them for Dale to eat in the winter. I much prefer picking them off the bushes and eating the fruit right then. When I end up working in the heat, and wishing for a cool drink, I just go off to one of the dozen or so bushes and pick enough to quench my thirst.

We are so blessed to be out here in the country with so much to do to keep us busy and healthy, and never a dull moment! – CHRIS

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