Asian pears + Grasshoppers + Still-More-Tomatoes

One pear - it would take two to be a pear pair

One pear – it would take two to be a pear pair

August 26 – Our new kitchen floor that Chris mentioned sure looks nice, and now we’re waiting for Home Depot to come and install the counter tops we ordered. All of the kitchen furniture was in the living room, even the refrigerator and the stove, and it’s good now to have it back in the kitchen! Have a lot of knickknacks to arrange or to put into storage, and that remains to be done as we find time.

The new vinyl sheeting in our kitchen is a bit thicker than the old stuff, so our doors are scraping a bit but they are okay. Under the one sliding door we use there is a bit of a problem, as I can hardly slide the door and have put down candle tallow and PAM spray to help things out. This has helped but there is still a lot of drag. Home Depot had originally planned to put down a layer of underlayment over the old vinyl, but we decided this wasn’t necessary, and we are sure glad it wasn’t, for how would we have handled the doors? Would probably have had to take them down and plane the lower edges by quite a bit.

Chris wants to get out and start mowing around our pond, but the grass is still so wet with dew, even at 12:30 p.m., She has been using the rakings from past mowings as mulch in our strawberry and blackberry patches. We had a huge pile of mulch but it is all used up already, as of this morning. We could use some rain now, and I suspect I shall be getting out the hose and sprinkler soon. The tomatoes and cucumbers are doing well without the extra moisture. Our last tomato picking was the largest of the year so far. Buckets and buckets of them. We took all the Romas (2 and 1/2 buckets) over to Bob and Janice’s and left them on their front porch, since nobody was home to refuse them.

Our Asian pear trees are over-loaded with fruit, and I had to thin them out this morning. Dozens of the smaller ones went into the garden cart to be hauled off to the compost pile. Those pears are so sweet and good, the first we have ever grown. Lots cheaper, too, than those sold in the supermarkets, at several dollars each! We need to pick all of the apples on the two trees as they are not in good shape at all, since we didn’t spray them. We need to go back to the good old days when fruit grew as it should, although nobody ever heard of using a sprayer back then…

We are having a plague of grasshoppers and they were even mentioned in the newspaper. Some of our bush clusters are just alive with them and they hop everywhere when one passes. At night swarms of tiny bugs fly around our ceiling lights and fans and descend on folks below; they are a real pest with their constant crawling. After the lights are turned out, then they all start crawling over the bedclothes, trying to find where to go, and they get smacked and swatted a great deal.

This past Sunday Dave and his family were out early to provide drinks and refreshments to the Tour de Shawnee bicyclists who were riding to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The Johnsons went to assist them, and Tammy offered to take the two of us along too, but I declined. Too much heat, you know, and we needed to move our furniture out of the kitchen! – DALE

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