New Floor Installation


Dawg enjoys one last nap on the old kitchen floor

August 25 – Well, we didn’t do anything special that needed doing today because we had to stay by to answer questions from Sean, who put in the new kitchen flooring this morning and early afternoon. Boy, you wouldn’t know it was the same place because it looks so cool and nice. On the other hand, I told Dale that I think I have already become accustomed to it. Our kitchen floor? Sure, and so what? Ah, but then I think of the floor that we never could get to look as clean and spiffy as we wanted it to. I used to scrub it on my hands and knees, but because of the kind of flooring it was, it just never looked as clean as we wanted it to. Once we had put in our order for another floor at Home Depot, I finally convinced Dale not to even to try to scrub “that” floor any longer. Sweeping, OK, but no use killing ourselves when nothing came of it anyway.

When the telephone rang this morning around nine, we both figured that Home Depot was calling to say the installer was on the way. So what did we have to do? Try to remove the last thing that we hadn’t moved into the living room yesterday. Since the doorway isn’t wide enough, Dale took the hinges off the top and bottom doors on the fridge, a hard job since the screws were tight and tough to remove. Finally when both doors were removed, I stood behind the fridge to help to guide it through the door and help Dale move it. He pulled; I pushed but that thing was just too heavy and kept banging a little here and there on the door!

The kitchen furniture and the living room furniture having a meet-and-greet

The kitchen furniture and the living room furniture having a meet-and-greet

Right in the middle of that, the installer arrived. After introducing himself, he took one look at our predicament, said, “Hey, wait a minute.” Off to his truck he flew and came right back with “slippers,” some slippery stuff, shaped kind of like slippers, that slide under appliances to move them along. Once those things were in place, he quickly moved the fridge into the living room all by himself.

After he had taken off all of the baseboard pieces and brought the big roll of flooring off the truck and into the kitchen, he set to work, measuring, checking, pulling into place, etc. etc. till he was satisfied. After cutting off a bit here and there where the cupboards stuck out, he started with the paste brush. The seam he had to make was so hard to see that when we checked it out, we couldn’t even find it although both of us were practically standing on it! About three hours after he had come he was ready to go, with a nice bag of fresh tomatoes that I know he appreciated because his wife didn’t get any at the local farmers’ market.

Poor guy, just after he left, Janice brought us a pan of really tasty–and fattening–cinnamon rolls. I had a small one, and Dale will have the rest. He doesn’t have to worry about his weight the way I do – hmmph. I rarely eat much dessert any more so things that I used to think were just right are Really, Really Sweet now! – CHRIS

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