Inside work, outside work

August 24 – It hasn’t cooled down much here on Reynolds Road lately and probably hasn’t anywhere else in Kansas City, either. We hear from our old home of Erie that they have had lots of rain and it’s been fairly cool until just now. We haven’t had either over the last few days.

Our kitchen is now ready for the flooring folk from The Home Depot tomorrow. We have just dragged the stove on a mat into the living room, and pulled the refrigerator out from its cavity, and all the other stuff is already in the living room. We’re wondering if we will need to turn on our air conditioner tomorrow for a change, but maybe a couple of fans and the ceiling fans will suffice.

They call them "ground cherries" for a reason

They call them “ground cherries” for a reason

Chris decided she didn’t want to can any more Roma tomatoes, so we took three buckets of them over to the Reynolds for Janice to can. Nobody was home, so it was easy to just leave the buckets on the front porch and hope they were just delighted and ecstatic to have them! They haven’t said anything to us so far, so…

She also put a lot of the cut grass mulch around the strawberry plants, which will cut down on weeds and once there is moisture under there, it will be held in place for a while. I lent a hand and put some down too. Now we need to hook up the sprinkler and let the water run. Also picked the ground cherries, of which we now have five gallon buckets full waiting to be shucked and canned. They keep well in their husks, so no hurry there.

Chris is kneeling here by the bed next to the computer, putting quarters into one of those display boards she just bought at the thrift store. It is a much better one than others she bought previously, and the quarters go in so nicely and fit well. Dawg is lying here beside us, panting heavily but enjoying being under the ceiling fan. As soon as I finish writing this we will play our nightly games of Rummikub before hitting the sack.

Have a good night’s rest, everybody. Nobody to bed later than midnight and nobody up earlier than 6:30! Somebody may be checking on you, so be sure to do as directed. – DALE

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