Town and Tomatoes

August 21 – Chris and I spent several hours in Pleasant Hill this morning, stopping by the Thrift store, Price Chopper, Ace Hardware, and the gas station. It was amazing to see how many of the customers at Price Chopper were folks we had just seen and talked to at the thrift store. We all must have the same plan of operations. 

On the way home we stopped at the home of a friend to give him some tomatoes, but since he wan’t there, we just hung the bag of tomatoes on the doorknob. I was walking back out to the car when a lady came out and asked who we were. She was the daughter of the folks who live there, taking care of her mother while her dad was unexpectedly in the hospital. We told her we prayed regularly for her mother, and would now include her father also, and she appreciated that. 

We were surprised when we got the Holden Image paper today, for there were three of Chris’ photos in it. On the front page was one of Bob’s tractor pulling a hay rake with their baler behind it. The other pics were of our fallen pine tree, plus a baby Carolina wren in its nest in our rototiller.

Haven’t tried the mushrooms Mom found while mowing, but I have them cleaned and broken up and in the fridge, so I just wait to see if they taste good or bad. I tried a couple of bits raw and they seemed okay yesterday, and I’m still around and in good health!

We gave all the Roma tomatoes we picked yesterday to grandson Robbie to can when he and Harvey stopped by to pick up some canning jars. Chris thinks she is going to have to can more tomatoes, unless we soon find someone who can use a lot of them. Anyone out there in the canning business, perchance? – DALE

Rake and drag, drag and rake...

Rake and drag, drag and rake…

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