Thursday is Town Day

And they piled up the grass in heaps...

And they piled up the grass in heaps…

August 21 – Just came up from sorting clothes in the basement as I always like to get a good head start on Friday mornings when I do the laundry if it’s not raining. Seems like the hamper is really packed down these days as we are out in the sun and heat for so many hours in a day. It was really hot and humid today, and Dale thought we should take a couple of rests along the way, so we came in to do some reading, and watched Jeopardy before finishing the job of raking up the piles of dry grass. Today there were 40 piles, but the grass was so dry, we could take back that big load in only five trips to the compost heap with the big blue tarp. We did appreciate the wind blowing, even if it wasn’t very strong. If we have to keep on raking up the grass after mowing, the place at the end of the garden will be covered with compost! 

As usual on Thursday morning, we went in to Pleasant Hill to buy a few things needed such as gas for the truck and for two of the big red gas cans. Went to the post office to see my friend, the post master, whose 27-year-old son is battling cancer. I have bought the new stamp issues and specials there for so many years it’s no wonder we know those folks… In fact, I guess because of my age (ha), our mailman is supposed to let the postmaster know if I am sick or having problems! And finally at Price Chopper we talked to our friend Sheila; sometimes I think we spend more time talking with the clerks than we do in actual shopping! But it’s always good to have friends

Chiming Clock

Chiming Clock

We also visited with a dozen of our friends at the Thrift Store. Didn’t buy much except books, including puzzle and sudoku (can’t turn those down at two-for-25¢). Dale got a really neat clock with angels for decoration and a glass top. It’s the kind that has a spinning device hanging down from the clock and also has a chime. He said he bought it because it was pretty and he liked it, but I think it was because I have mentioned so many times along the way how I wish our clock that  “sings” every hour would also have chimes to count the hour as well. That’s our Thrift Buy of the Week! – CHRIS

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