Yes, it actually IS the humidity

August 20 – Chris is out mowing in this 90-degree heat with the hand mower but I hear it has just stopped so I may be needed to start it, or to fill the tank and take over for my share while she will use the rider. I’ve been out raking cut grass on the front banks – and starting the hand mower when it quits every now and then, for some unknown reason. This humidity is something; just sitting here at the keyboard is a hot and sweaty operation! I wish the grass would quit growing for a while until things cool off…

Mushrooms, shmushrooms...

Mushrooms, shmushrooms…

Earlier this week we walked around the property & found all sorts of mushrooms, and gathered a large basin of them for identification. Most were boletes with the spongy undersides, and I understand most of them are edible, though not always tasty. But one of our mushroom books said that those with orange or red undersides were not good. Most of ours were like that, so eventually I threw out the whole batch. I did taste a small chunk of one, and it was bitter. – DALE

I want to be out in the woods, I want to be where it’s wild, I want to wake up and hear birds, I want to walk outside and see a gaggle of turkeys bouncing across my lawn. – Karen Adams

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