Summertime, summerwork!

Contorted willow

Dale hauling off one of the contorted willows

August 19 – I went down to work in the “jungle” today, an area where the weeds, especially the giant ragweed, are so tall and healthy that it’s very hard to catch up if you let it go for awhile. Of course when the road folks fixed the road a year or so ago, they didn’t put in a culvert, and now whenever there’s a storm, the water races across the road, leaving a ditch or two along the way and washing lots of road gravel and big pieces of wood right through the fence and into the jungle area. I had planned to do that job and trim under the fence all the way up to the house as usual, but by the time I had done a halfway decent job in the jungle, I didn’t have much energy left. Fortunately, I had to push the mower right past some ground cherry bushes and stopped to have my fill of those little yellow fruits. It was good to stop for a bit before going off to other jobs!

Dale used the weed eater all along the front and then down the row of ancient osage stumps that we cut down when we first moved here back in September of ’98. As I was picking off the apples and chucking them into the garden cart to be taken to the compost heap, Dale was having fun cutting down the contorted willow tree by the pond. Robbie (our oldest grandson) gave us a couple of those way back. They have really strange branches and leaves; the shape is most unusual, nothing straight about it. Once cut, we dragged them over one of the burning piles for later incineration. 

I thought Kingsville School started last week, but my friend the school secretary e-mailed me this afternoon saying it would be tomorrow. Have decided not to volunteer this year, but I sure do miss the kids and staff. Sixteen years of being there each week is a long time, I guess, but it seems short to me. Funny to think I started volunteering there before we had even unpacked our boxes from our Erie move. Kids are really special! – CHRIS

Ground cherries

Ground cherries on the bush, in the husk, and in the bowl

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