That Very First Post

August 14 – We have always been writers in our family, and our son David recently spent an hour convincing us that we should write a blog about life on our own version of Green Acres. And so that’s what we’ve got here – our entrance into the world of blogging.

Our home is located on 18 acres of woods and pastures in western Missouri near Kansas City. Over the years we’ve planted a variety of fruit trees, grapes, flowers, and a large vegetable garden, not to mention clearing a number of paths through the woods and fields. These provide a great place for walks, especially with Dawg the dog. I still hang our clothes on an outdoor clothes line when possible, can and freeze our garden vegetables, and write up a weekly article on the church service for our local newspaper.

We love living in the country, and boy does it keep us young! – CHRIS

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4 Responses to That Very First Post

  1. Tammy says:

    Love this! Chris you are too funny…climbing up on that bale. I’m sharing this with my family too.


  2. gpcox says:

    Tell David – Thanks for bringing your life to us!!


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